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You’ve heard of cat yoga and goat yoga, now it’s time to get cozy with the world’s most intelligent, misunderstood farm animals. This May 25, 2019 from 10am to 12pm, come to Little Oink Bank Pig Sanctuary to spend quality time with a playful, affectionate bunch of sus scrofa domesticus aka pigs!

baby pig with black spots on white, potbelly pig

About the Pig Sanctuary

Little Oink Bank Pig Sanctuary is a safe haven for abandoned pigs to play, socialize, and relax with other pigs. In recent years, it has grown to be a safe haven for other animals. It’s currently home to dozens of pigs as well as calves, sheep, cats, and dogs. As domesticated animals, they need lots of care and attention. Visitors are encouraged to pet and play with the animals.

The sanctuary is owned and run by a deeply knowledgeable and caring family who just couldn’t say no to all the homeless pigs out there. 90% of potbelly pigs are rehomed, abandoned, or worse. Little Oink Bank is a place that welcomes these lost creatures with open arms. Like them on Facebook to fill your news feed with heartfelt stories and wholesome photos.

Proceeds from the pig yoga event will go to maintaining their pig paradise and pay a little back to the VeryGoodVet who helps keep the animals happy and healthy. If there’s a good turnout, they may make pig yoga a regular event, so please spread the word by inviting your BC friends.

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