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It’s time to get back into gear after the holidays. Nonprofits and other companies all over Bellingham are hosting events to support physical, emotional, and social health in the community this January. Browse below to see what might get you motivated for a year of good health.

Wellness Events in Bellingham, WA in January 2019

Well-Rounded Wellness

The downtown Bellingham Community Food Co-Op is putting on a free Wellness Day event on Saturday, January 12th from 1pm to 3pm. Attendees are invited to enjoy samples from local, organic vendors such as Booda Organics and Garden of Life. Line up for a complementary massage by Dora Keating of The Shanti Center.

The Whatcom Alliance for Health Advancement will be there to help you sign up for free or subsidized health care and to answer any questions about the program.

Jim Ehmke, a clinical nutritionist, will also be available to chat one-on-one to address your personal health needs.

Across the street, the Co-Op Community Classroom will hoast health workshops all afternoon, from nutrition to stress reduction. See the full classroom calendar and additional information.

Physical Health

To help people warm up for a healthy year, Fairhaven Runners is hosting 30 Day Fitness Bingo with prizes up to $100 in fitness supplies and classes. Participation is free, just print a Bingo card or visit the store for a free copy. Bingo squares are geared toward all ages and include challenges in nutrition, hydration, exercise, and trying new things.

The bingo game runs from Saturday, January 5th to Sunday, February 3rd. To win, grab an exercise buddy and keep each other motivated the whole month through.

Emotional Health

On Saturday, January 5th from 3pm to 4pm, there will be an intimate gathering at Village Books to learn the foundations of mindfulness and how you can improve your emotional wellbeing each day. The free event will serve as an introduction and brief mindfulness class.

Mindfulness is a means for each person to empower themselves by overcoming emotional difficulties. You will learn how to recognize and reframe thought patterns, ground yourself from panic and depressive thoughts, and develop positive stress-reducing habits.

After the brief introduction, you will be invited to attend weekly classes, participate online, and enjoy mindfulness retreats. Tuition is on a sliding scale: you will only be asked to pay what you can afford. See the complete spring 2019 schedule.

Social Health

Taking place at the Co-Op Community Classroom on Tuesday, January 22nd from 6:30pm to 9pm, the Introduction to Nonviolent Communication encourages participants to enter with open minds and ready to learn a new form of conflict resolution.

This method develops mutual compassion and harmonic relationships, creating a platform for you to speak for yourself and empower others to speak for themselves, too. Practicing nonviolent communication is a way of reaching out to friends, family, and everyone else you meet.

Tuition is $20, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

It is not always easy to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and socially every day, but small Bellingham organizations are doing what they can to smooth your path and strengthen our community.

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