Pig Yoga in BC to Support Little Oink Bank Pig Sanctuary

You’ve heard of cat yoga and goat yoga, now it’s time to get cozy with the world’s most intelligent, misunderstood farm animals. This May 25, 2019 from 10am to 12pm, come to Little Oink Bank Pig Sanctuary to spend quality time with a playful, affectionate bunch of sus scrofa domesticus aka pigs!

baby pig with black spots on white, potbelly pig

About the Pig Sanctuary

Little Oink Bank Pig Sanctuary is a safe haven for abandoned pigs to play, socialize, and relax with other pigs. In recent years, it has grown to be a safe haven for other animals. It’s currently home to dozens of pigs as well as calves, sheep, cats, and dogs. As domesticated animals, they need lots of care and attention. Visitors are encouraged to pet and play with the animals.

The sanctuary is owned and run by a deeply knowledgeable and caring family who just couldn’t say no to all the homeless pigs out there. 90% of potbelly pigs are rehomed, abandoned, or worse. Little Oink Bank is a place that welcomes these lost creatures with open arms. Like them on Facebook to fill your news feed with heartfelt stories and wholesome photos.

Proceeds from the pig yoga event will go to maintaining their pig paradise and pay a little back to the VeryGoodVet who helps keep the animals happy and healthy. If there’s a good turnout, they may make pig yoga a regular event, so please spread the word by inviting your BC friends.

Can’t get enough animals in your health routine? Check out cat yoga in Nanaimo and goat yoga in Seattle.

New Nonprofit Networking Lunches in Bellingham

Bring a brown bag lunch or reusable lunch box to Bellingham’s Nonprofit Brown Bags meet-and-greets once a month. Each month will be hosted by a different nonprofit with a specific peer-learning focus. Brown Bags occur on the last wednesday of every month from 11:30am to 1:00pm at St. Luke’s Health Education Center. Get a sneak peek of the events below.

Nonprofit Brown Bags from January to April 2019

1/24 – Non-Profit Partnership and Collaboration

Summer Starr, manager of the Volunteer Center of Whatcom County, will launch the Nonprofit Brown Bags with a lesson on program mapping. Come ready to discuss the goals of your nonprofit and find common ground. The goal is for everyone to go home with a future collaborative effort in mind, building the first steps toward partnerships.  

2/27 – Tips and Tricks for Social Media

Shawn Kemp, co-founder and COO of Actionsprout, will share his knowledge on organic social media outreach and how Actionsprout builds momentum for events on Facebook. See how you can implement different strategies to enrich your nonprofit’s online participation.

3/27 – Equity and Diversity Roundtable

Addie Candib, Community Education Coordinator of Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center, will be hosting an open discussion on the value of diversity in the workplace. The conversation will focus on fair and honest policy and how the spirit of diversity can be made to resonate in company culture.

4/24 – Board and ED Relations for Small Nonprofits

Kirk Roberts of Free Range Nonprofit Solutions and Executive Director of 3 nonprofits recognizes that a small nonprofit may have blurred lines between the board and the rest of the devoted staff. He solemnly notes that everyone is there for a reason. This luncheon will focus on the importance mutual respect, patience, and empathy within your organization.

Get Involved

Each quarter, a steering committee meets to plan upcoming Brown Bags. The goal is to bring in a diverse group of speakers offering unique insights on nonprofit work. Please contact Summer Starr if you’re interested in participating.

Like and follow Nonprofit Brown Bags for updates.

Support One-on-One Job Training for Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a dare to all of us to focus on what matters. After a long weekend of snagging deals and filling carts with junk, Tuesday is a challenge to give away a portion of what we’ve spent on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Sometimes this means choosing a nonprofit that can help others through a donation. Other times, it means volunteering, working hands-on to build a better world. One local Bellingham organization in particular is asking for your help this Giving Tuesday.


You can support the Bellingham Community by giving to the RE Store job training program.

The RE Store Community Jobs Training Program

What They Do

The RE Store started the Community Jobs Training program because they recognized a need in the community. In this harsh economic climate, it is difficult to find work without a job history.


Community Jobs Training takes in trainees with limited job prospects and very few options. Each trainee is assigned a mentor and works hands-on in the RE Store workshop. They develop new skills that can be turned into a profession. Donate here to help them take in more trainees.


In order to ensure they are providing equal access, the RE Store partners with multiple social justice organizations. They reach out to single parents and retirees who have come under hard times, youth entering the work force with no job history, ESL students, adults with disabilities, soldiers making the transition to civilian life, people with limited mobility due to injuries, and people with a history of incarceration, as well as anyone who would benefit from one-on-one job training.

How You Can Help

To make it all happen, the RE Store needs your support to provide gloves, boots, safety glasses, uniforms and industrial safety training for each new trainee. Each trainee graduates with the full set of supplies so they are ready to enter the work environment.


The training is different for each person, tailored to their skills and interests. It may include administration, marketing, customer service, salvage and deconstruction, woodworking, or building, repair, and anything else the RE Store can facilitate. No matter what the work is, it concentrates on rebuilding Bellingham, and on supporting the community where help is needed most.


If you are looking for something to support this Giving Tuesday, consider helping people with limited prospects in life to find stable, promising work with one-on-one job training. See more information on Community Jobs Training, or donate here.