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Are you looking for help with your non profit digital marketing and digital ad strategy?

Did you know that Google offers a free ad grant of up to $10,000/month for qualifying non profits? 

*Note: To qualify for the $10k, you must be a 501c3. We will work with 501c3 and all other nonprofits. 

We offer discounted, flat rates for local non profits to help boost brand awareness and drive more traffic to your website. 

Google Ad Grant Set up

Utilize up to $10,000 in free ad spend using the Google Ad Grant Program.
$ 1,000 One Time Fee
  • Professional Campaign Creation
  • 1,000s of Keywords and Ad Groups Added
  • Set Up for A/B Testing

Google Ad Grant Support

Utilize up to $10,000 in free ad spend using the Google Ad Grant Program.
$ 1,000 Monthly
  • In-Depth Reporting Metrics
  • Monthly Maintenance & Account Updates
  • Consulting and Training


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Help people find your nonprofit organically on the web.
$ 1,000 Starting at / Monthly
  • Increase Keyword Rankings
  • Aquire Authorative Backlinks
  • Create SEO Site Content

Social Ads

Drive brand awareness on Facebook, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn .
$ 1,000 Starting At / Monthly
  • Reached Targeted Audiences
  • Create Remarketing Ads
  • Drive Engagement

Website Design + Implementation

Create a new user-friendly website that increases brand trust and authority.
TBD Pricing varies
  • Easy To Make Updates
  • We Handle Site Migration
  • Always Mobile Responsive

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